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L'Eroica Britannia 2014, Bakwell Show Ground...

Classico Bici Vintage bikes stand June 2014 saw the first ever UK hosting of the L'Eroica, aptly named L'Eroica Britannia.

As expected Classico Bici was in full support of the event with their vintage bikes stall doing brisk business.

Vintage bike show 2014 The three day festival was a vintage bike enthusiasts paradise attracting a plethora of stalls selling everything imaginable concerned with the vintage bike scene.

Everything from a vintage period saddle to complete vintage and modern bikes was available to the thousands of enthusiasts who turned up for the event.

More vintage bikes Every corner of the very large showground was crammed to capacity.

Hiden gems just waiting to be discovered by the eagle eyed enthusiast.

If the vintage part you were looking for couldn't be found here then it probably doesn't exist.